Advantages of the Sanakvo water process

Yields water where no other source is available

The biggest advantage of the Sanakvo water from air process is that it generates water in places, where no sea or brackish water is available. This may open new areas of habitation for people, animals and plants. There is no competing method available until now.

The Sanakvo process produces water of the highest quality

The process includes two steps, which are highly selective for water. Only pure water and no other contaminants is absorbed into glycerol. The water release from glycerol is also a highly selective process similar to distillation. Therefore, water obtained is of the highest possible quality and free of physical, chemical or microbial contaminants. No other process for the production of water can achieve such high quality.

The Sanakvo process is very economical

A very critical selection of steps and structures leads to the lowest cost process, which does not require any mechanical, electrical or any other sophisticated equipment. It has been simplified to a minimum. Only widely available materials are needed for the construction of both, the water absorbing and the water releasing steps. Their use is obvious and accessible also to people with low education and low salary levels.

It uses only passive contact with air and the largely available solar energy. Glycerol is a waste product of several large scale processes and has a very low cost.

The Sanakvo process is safe for humans and nature

The Sanakvo process does not use any chemicals or potentially dangerous materials or substances. Glycerol, the water absorbing substance is fully nontoxic and is actually edible! Even in cases of wrong manipulation or destruction of parts of the structures or modules, there is no danger for the user.

A breakage of the modules, which could lead to mixing of glycerol with produced water, is immediately recognized by its sweet taste. Even then, it is no more dangerous than drinking a soft drink.

Concentrated glycerol solutions have high osmotic force and, therefore, remove water from all microbes and block their living processes efficiently.

As glycerol is fully biodegradable and non-polluting, even in case of severe spills of glycerol, there is no danger of pollution of the soil or environment. Glycerol is easily metabolized by a vast majority of microbes and will disappear from the soil after the next rain. As a carbon source, it will bring energy to the soil and will have a positive effect on soil fertility.

The Sanakvo water process supplies water regularly every day. Therefore, it is a constant and reliable source of water for humans, animals and plants. If necessary attention, support and investments into broad installation of the Sanakvo process in the world are made, the impact will be huge for all humanity and beneficial for our planet.

2011-02-01 P. L.