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Oberwallis fuer Kinder unserer Welt

Hope for Haitis Kids

LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments

Swiss Water Partnership

The Sanakvo Foundation is a full member, since the creation of the Swiss Water Partnership in February 2012

What we do

  • Sustainable drinking water and sanitation programs:
    • Support the development and implementation of an innovative, sustainable, low-tech and affordable water-from-air-technology
  • Educational activities:
    • Raising awareness towards the water scarcity problem by implication of the young generation. Coaching and support of their own projects. Specific courses for talented students.
  • Governance of water and other resources:
    • Networking and cooperation with local partners, experienced institutions and foundations in order to achieve a future sustainable long-term implementation according to the ‘WASH’- Strategy.

Thematic expertise

  • Integrated Water Resources Management
    • Bottom-up inclusive water resources management
  • Water Food Energy Nexus
    • Low-tech, low-energy water generation
    • Subsequent integration of new water-generation strategies in agricultural techniques for food supply
  • Water Policy and Governance
    • Implementation of new water technologies while fostering respect of ethical norms
    • Management of community-based water resources
  • Sustainable and effective water use
    • Innovative water sourcing linked to educational and hygiene improving projects
    • Disaster Risk Management: preventing health impairment by quick and easy clean drinking water supply
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