Who we are?

Sanakvo (in Esperanto healthy water) is a Swiss, non-profit, humanitarian foundation, which provides clean drinking water to the poorest people in the world.

The new process for extraction of clean water from air humidity is an innovation and major break through after over thirty years of research and development activity. Because of the low cost and simplicity of the system, it is very suitable for countries where the technological level is low. We want people to benefit from this new method in the shortest possible time. After an introduction, they will be able to construct these elements and service them alone. This could bring about a solution to this problem.

From a purely economical point of view, it is not interesting if thousands or millions of small children and their mothers die, due to contaminated water. A company, who would only focus its activity on this, would be bankrupt very soon. The poorest families in the world have no money for food and even less for drinking water. Therefore, developed countries, states and international organizations must make the first step.

We all must help!

The shortage of drinking water in the world is so huge, that with our current means we cannot cover even the most urgent needs.

We have established Sanakvo, to give other people and organizations the possibility to help to supply water to children and their parents living in dire conditions.

Can anybody be poorer than someone who doesn’t even have drinking water?

The children there did not select to be born in poor countries the same as we did not do anything special to be born in and live in affluent countries.

There are values that are much more important to human life than money. Our character as human beings will certainly increase if we give away a portion of our superfluous “material wealth” and transform it into much more needed “sharing” in our souls.

Everything we give will not be in vain, because we will grow spiritually as human beings.

To become human is the highest goal of life on this planet!

2011-02-01 P. L.