Pioneer donors

We thank our pioneer-donors very much for their generous financial support, which is used for the implementation of the new water from air extraction technology.

Dr. med. René Blumenthal

Mr. Daniel Gutzwiler

Mr. Hugo Gutzwiler (†)

Mrs. Ivonne Gutzwiler

Mrs. Marianne Gutzwiler (†)

Dr. med. Maurice Theytaz (†)

Dr. med. Dominique Evéquoz

Dr. dent. Martin Feller

Praxis Chabloz Leuk-Stadt

Dr. Hans-Peter Meyer

Gunthard & Elisabeth Orglmeister

Dennda Orthopädie
Dennda Orthopädie

Sanakvo Kids

Ensemble UMSn'JIP

Mrs. Elke Hofmann

Mr. and Mrs. Rainer Willa

SRP Schneller Ritz und Partner
SRP Ingenieur AG

Mr. and Mrs Siegfried and Marianne Escher

Klaus and Juliane Andereggen

Dr. rer.nat. Peter Bumann


How to become a pioneer donor.