Sanakvo – Pure water for humanity

According to alarming information from international sources 1 500 millions of world population have no drinking water every day.

It sounds incredible, but the supply of drinking water can be covered by a rather simple method. It escaped to the majority of workers in this field that by far the largest source of pure water is not on the earth surface but above it!

The humidity of the air masses represents an amount of water, which is ten times larger than all surface water on continents. Under normal conditions one cubic kilometer of clear air contains amount of water which corresponds to a river 1 m deep, 15 m large and 1 km long. This amount of drinking water is enough to supply the whole population of Switzerland for example. The number of cubic kilometers of air masses is almost endless on our planet and their water content is permanently renewed. It might become an infinite source of pure water on the Earth.

Previous rare attempts for obtaining drinking water from air humidity failed for many different reasons and actually no usable method exists. This is surprising because water vapor has much higher energy content than liquid water and the condensation is a spontaneous, exothermic process.

2011-02-01 P. L.