Who we are – The Sanakvo board

The foundation is directed by

Dr. Pavel Lehky

Born in 1945 in Brno. He studied natural sciences at the University of Brno, Czech Republic, completed his PhD. at the University of Geneva, followed by postdoctoral research at Prof. Edmund H. Fischer’s (Nobel Prize for Medicine and physiology, 1992) lab at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA.

Starting as a research chemist and biochemist at Lonza chemical company, he became the founder of biotechnology there. This led consequently to a complete change in the orientation of this company, because 90 % profit is generated by biotechnology, today. As a director of biotechnological research he became a member of the extended management of this large company. Dr. Lehky is the author of numerous patents in chemical synthesis, biotechnological processes and laboratory instrumentation. Two of his patents – (biotechnological production of L-carnitine) were very successful because they led to industrial production of this product in the hundreds of tons at Lonza Biotec in Kourim, near Prague. Dr. Lehky initiated and enforced an acquisition of this fermentation plant, which is today one of the best in the country. Rather unique is his broad, practical, personal experience of the development of processes starting from the laboratory, scale up and the realization of the production on a large scale.

Dr. Lehky gained considerable experience in laboratory methods and instruments, which was instrumental for the creation of his own company LAMBDA Laboratory instruments. Today Lambda produces dozens of innovative high quality laboratory instruments, which are sold through out the world.

He received experience in leading people, gained an inside view of structures and management of a large international company as well as personal experience in start-ups of several new firms. He has founded a citizens organization E-Lingvo o.s., which promotes efficient communication among people of different nations. He leads an organizing committee for the establishment of a new political party Obcanska strana in Czech Republic.

His almost 40 years interest in water problems in the world led him to the invention of new ways of solving this problem. This led finally to the creation of Sanakvo foundation. He has many useful contacts in the world. He has lived for several years in countries of four different languages and consequently he has an active knowledge of five languages and good understanding of several others. This allows easy communication with people from different nations and efficient access to information from broad sources. He is a Czech and Swiss citizen.

Dr. Jan Marc Lehky, MBA

Born in 1976 in Geneva, Switzerland. He studied mechatronics at the technical university EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he earned an engineering degree. He got a PhD at the famous ETH Zurich. There he also completed his MBA studies.

He worked in the renowned IBM Zürich Research Laboratory in Rüschlikon near Zürich.

Presently he directs several companies and is therefore practically involved in solving many strategic as well as daily business and personnel related problems. He received expertise in marketing new products worldwide. He has mastered modern marketing skills, which are based on Internet visibility and communication. He has established dozens of contacts throughout the world, including China. He also functions as a technical, commercial and marketing adviser for other firms. His fluent knowledge of six languages and passive knowledge of several others, allows him fast and profound access to all sorts of information. As a violin player, he received a complete musical education. He is a directing member of the citizens’ organization E-Lingvo, which promotes efficient communication in the world.

He has visited over thirty countries on all continents, which gave him excellent personal experience about the living conditions of people in many parts of the world. He is a Czech and Swiss citizen.

PD Dr. Johann M. Brass

Johann Brass has 15 years of Academic Research and Teaching experience. After that time he worked for 20 years in leading positions in the Biotechnological Industry. He has led Process Development teams and the Fermentation Group at Lonza Visp. He has extensive knowledge in Biopharmaceutical Markets and Production Technologies. His last responsibility before retirement was Management of Microbial R&D Innovation Activities at Lonza. He won the Innovation Idea Award of Lonza in 2009.

Johann Brass is a member of the University of Konstanz (D). He is involved in academic teaching at the University of Konstanz and at the University EPFL, Lausanne (CH) on Biopharmaceutical Drug Development and Production as well as on Management of current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) in this business area. He gives regular courses at the European Youth Academy of Lindau (D) on Biology- and Water-Management of Lake Constance.

Johann Brass (born 1944; German Nationality) received his Diploma (M.S.) degree and his Doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat.) in Genetics at the University of Munich, Germany. During his Post-Doctoral time at the University of Konstanz, and stages at the Universities of Dundee (GB) and Farmington (Connecticut, US) he focused on Microbiology and earned the degree of PD (Assistant Professor / University Lecturer). Publishing, patenting and lecturing on varioustopics over the years were namely: Microbial cell envelope functions; microbial virulence factors; vaccine development; microbial protein secretion; biopharmaceutical process development; biopharmaceutical markets and regulatory aspects (cGMP).

Johann Brass has maintained a long interest in developing strategies and technologies for poor countries. The goal of Sanakvo, to provide water supplies for the poor populations in arid areas of the world, is now his most important activity. Working on the innovative Sanakvo team to realize decentralized generation of drinking and irrigation water derived from air has become a fascinating new project for him.

Language competencies: German and English: written and spoken business level; French competency: reading proficiency.

Dr. med. Monique Radka Lehky Hagen

Born in Geneva,1971. She is a Swiss and Czech citizen. She grew up in the Valais, Switzerland, where, in Brig, she finished her school leaving exams with several awards, (including valedictorian). She earned her diploma in human medicine at the Medical School of University of Geneva. Concomitantly, she completed her violin studies at the “Conservatoire de Lausanne” (diploma 1995), having studied with renowned violinists as Tibor Varga, Pierre Amoyal and Gyula Stuller. From 1996 on, she worked in various Swiss Hospitals to get broad clinical experience and insight in various sub-specialties. Besides this clinical activity, she finished her medical dissertation and medical research work at the Swiss Tropical Institute Basel from 1997 to 2003 under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Chr. Hatz. (Analysis of the Factors influencing the Pattern of Imported Malaria, which was published in the renowned Journal of Travel Medicine www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15996451).

She specialized in Internal Medicine at the University Hospital of Basel and obtained her MD degree. Since 2005 she has worked partially as an expert in the medical Center of the Swiss Disability Insurance in Sion (www.aivs.ch/de/arzlicher-dienst-/rad-rhone.html), and has pursued independent activity in her own practice as Specialist for Internal Medicine for out-patient care in Brig-Glis. Since 2005 she gained further specializations in industrial medicine, manual medicine and general medical practice. Since 2007 she has a professorship on the Medical School of the University of Bern for teaching Family Medicine. She is a committee member of the local Medical Society since 2010 and supports numerous political activities, besides her role as mother of three children.

Having grown up as a child of emigrant parents, who, for ideological reasons, left Czechoslovakia in 1968 after the Russian occupation, she learned to fight for social injustice from an early age. Due to her intensive interest in Tropical Medicine, she was very concerned about the fundamental problems of access to drinkable water and malnutrition and all the medical problems resulting from the deprivation of these basic requirements. Realizing the potentially huge impact on the health and survival of millions of people in the world, due to an affordable and locally available simple water supply system developed by her father, she decided to join and support the foundation. As a physician, she has easier contacts to medical organizations operating world-wide. This should preserve the non-profit character of this huge philanthropic project all the way from the production of water modules down to the end user. The major task is to use established renowned structures to directly reach the people in need and eliminate corruption. The professional background of Dr. med. Lehky Hagen, her personal life experience and her fluent knowledge of 7 languages (Swiss German, German, French, Italian, Czech, English and Spanish) will be instrumental in the establishment of these important contacts.