Our foundation

Sanakvo is a non-profit humanitarian foundation established in 2011 in Switzerland (to prevent illegal misuse of the capital held). Our goal is to organize an efficient support to people in need of water worldwide by spreading our technology as fast as possible. But we need your help to succeed.

Why are we doing it

Can anybody be poorer than someone who doesn’t even have drinking water?

By supporting Sanakvo, you’re not only helping to provide access to clean water, but you’re also supporting a more sustainable future. We are convinced that no other area of support could be more effective for humanity.

We’ll never stop helping

Colaborate in spreading the technology

The global shortage of clean drinking water is a crisis of epic proportions, with billions of people facing water needs. At Sanakvo, we are on a mission to tackle this crisis head-on, by providing individuals and organizations with the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of children and families living in dire conditions.


Who we are

Our team is made up of passionate and skilled scientists with expertise across a number of disciplines committed to provide sustainable, long-term solutions to the water crisis.

Pavel Lehky Sanakvo

Dr. Pavel Lehky / President of the board

Born in 1945 in Brno. He studied natural sciences at the University of Brno, Czech Republic, completed his PhD. at the University of Geneva, followed by postdoctoral research at Prof. Edmund H. Fischer’s (Nobel Prize for Medicine and physiology, 1992) lab at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA.

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Mirek Macka Sanakvo

Miroslav Macka, RNDr, PhD / Member of the board

Prof. Miroslav (Mirek) Macka, born in 1957 in Brno, Czech Republic, is proud of having conducted his career as a research scientist in both industrial research and academia and having lived and worked in four different countries around the world (Czech Republic, Switzerland, Australia and Ireland).

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Jan Marc Lehky Sanakvo

Dr. Jan Marc Lehky, MBA / Member of the board

Born in 1976 in Geneva, Switzerland. He studied mechatronics at the technical university EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he earned an engineering degree. He got a PhD at the famous ETH Zurich. There he also completed his MBA studies.

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Patrick Yax Sanakvo

Dr. Patrick Yax / Vice-president of the board

Dr. Patrick Yax has an excellent education in the field of natural sciences and technology. He obtained his Engineering degree at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d´Agronomie et Alimentaire in Nancy. During his Ph.D. studies, he worked on the use of microorganisms to develop new technological processes for their use on a large scale.

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