The future of everpresent drinking water is here

It’s a breakthrough saving billions of lives with producing an infinite volume of pure drinking water from air. This technology is a game-changer answering the world’s water crisis.

Eternal water source

Available anywhere on Earth

The highest purity water

Water cost close to tap water

Eternal water source

Available anywhere on Earth

The highest purity water

Water cost close to tap water

Help change the world


Vast infinite water source

1 km³ of air contains water needed by 2 million people every day

And it gets renewed every 9 days by winds. This is why we’ve chosen the air humidity as the eternal source of water. You certainly know why we need it. And we have technology to extract it easily.

Prevent diseases

Drinking contamined water results in sickness and death

Increase quality of life

Water is essential part for everything we are doing

Introduce akvoltic agriculture

Our system is a great opportunity to support vertical farms

We have found a way how to make it effectively possible

Water from air technology

The idea of gaining pure water from atmospheric humidity is not new at all. Many attempts to obtain it have been made since antiquity. However, no technology allowing clean water production from the air at a low cost appeared – until now.

Is it safe for humans and nature?

Absolutely! No other substance than easily metabolized food glycerol (glycerin) is used in the water
production proces. At the same time, we prevent microbial contamination. Also, it produces no waste.

How much water does it produce?

Water production increases linearly with the glycerol covered surface and the energy available for the water regeneration. For further information visit Water from air page.

How does it differ from similar solutions?

With a piston pump as its single moving part, it is much simpler than any other technology. An easy and low-cost production uses broadly available materials. This means our technology is accessible to everybody and everywhere. It is the only technology capable of creating an oasis in a desert.

Spread our technology and overcome the water shortage

Our technology is as profound as the discovery of fire

Our technology is life-changing for billions suffering from water scarcity and for humankind as such, providing access to an endless supply of water. Spreading this technology worldwide is challenging and requires collective effort worldwide. We can’t do this on our own.

Your money could never do more – try it at home

The spread of this technology needs sponsors

We would like to prove that our solution really works. For interested supporters we can supply a Home Unit of the water from air system capable of producing 10-30 liters of water per day.

Mini solar unit

2-20m² surface produces 10-50l of water/day

Home unit

10-30l of water/day

Large solar water fields

Large solar water field unit | Sanakvo

100m² field produces 50,000l of water/day

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